Check configuration (after all updates)
Configuration file (/common/config/ : foundOK
Configuration file (/common/config/ : foundOK
Language : English (EN)OK

Check last options
All new options are OK in configuration fileOK

Check MySQL server connection
Connection to server : OKOK
MySQL version : 5.7.38-logOK
Connection to database : OKOK

Check tables list
All tables existOK

Optimize tables
All tables have been optimized (on problem, try to repair)OK

Check tables structure
All existing tables structures are OKOK

Shared files
Check and clear deleted files OKOK
Please read version history in file : ../doc/en/changelog.html

Configuration/Update is OK
You can proceed to the Admin Panel (ACP)

System Information
Server Software : Apache
PHP Version : 5.4.45 (OK)
Register Globals : off
Display errors : off (keep on only on test server)
Log errors : off
Safe Mode : off
Open Basedir : off
Memory limit : on
File upload : on (must be on to allow user to upload avatars to /public/upload/ folder)
Allow url fopen : on (must be on to register on internet public servers directory)
Display : PHP info
Disabled functions : _dyuweyrj4,_dyuweyrj4r,dl

PHP date.timezone: Europe/Paris
PHP Timezone: Europe/Paris [CEST]
PHP Time: 11:52:31 AM (if not OK, you may configure PHP: [Date] date.timezone)
MySQL time: 11:52:31 AM

Languages list
Castellano (iso-8859-1) :
Romana (cp1256) :
English (iso-8859-1) :
German (iso-8859-1) :
Romana (iso-8859-1) :
Dutch (iso-8859-1) :
Portuguese (iso-8859-1) :
Italian (iso-8859-1) :
Portuguese (iso-8859-1) :
Franšais (iso-8859-1) :
To add more language (or just update), please read ../common/lang/translate.txt